Fortis Foods offers a full range of food and agricultural products to meet the demands of clients across a variety of geographies. Fortis’ business model not only offers high-quality products, but it also offers outstanding customer service and on-time delivery. Our clients’ business matters are squarely at the center of what we do.

Fortis Foods is a certified minority-owned business entity (MBE), and has the financial and insurance wherewithal to participate at major levels within the supply chains of the U.S. government, as well as top-tier corporates.

What We Do

Fortis’ commodity trading & customized solutions development philosophy cuts to the core of our mission: Innovation without Borders. Driven by a deep commitment to creating the best agricultural and food solutions for our clients, Fortis has assembled a team of uniquely qualified individuals to face the challenges of creativity and innovation in feeding the world’s growing population.

Our commodity trading and customized solutions development teams identify cost efficient and better ways to source, transport, and distribute nutritious and wholesome food for clients globally.

Affiliate Brands